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What is Eco Printing?

Direct Flower Printing

In Eco Printing, we recycle used temple flowers that are spread all over the fabric and processed using traditional methods.

Avoid Allergies and Skin Concerns

We use Organic Mulmul for Eco Printing that is grown without any chemical pesticides and therefore protects the skin against allergies.

Moisture Absorbing & Breathable

Our garments are specially made for humid climates and have breathable and moisture absorbing fabrics.

Anti bacterial & Anti Fungal

Eco printing using flowers provides relief to sensitive skin. It also possesses antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Eco Printing

How is it done?

First the flowers are spread across the fabric in an evenly manner.


The fabric is steamed using natural mordants such as alum which help in color transfer and fastening from the flower leaves to the fabric.

Fabric Drying

The fabric is then left in the sun for drying

Ready Fabric

The results are unique, eye soothing and heart warming. The bright color acts as an instant mood lifter and you can smell the flowery scent whilst you wear it around your neck.

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