We make products that make a difference.

The Team

Eco Clothing India was started in order to bring about a change in the Indian Fashion Industry by promoting organic clothing and making it affordable for everyone. 

The company was founded by Apoorv Mangla who has worked with multiple global brands and startups over the last 7 years.
Design, Branding & Customer Service is headed up by Vridhi Govind with assistance from Manisha Mangla. Vinay Kumar heads QC, while Dimple packs your orders. All the other bits and pieces are collectively managed by everyone. Over 100 artisans are working with us to make the garments.

Our office is based in Faridabad, Delhi National Capital Region.

Why Eco?

Soft Organic Cotton

Breathable & Absorbs Moisture

Light weight & Comfortable

Avoid Skin Allergies

No Toxic Chemicals

Handcrafted in India

Who made your clothes?

At Eco Clothing India, we celebrate India and its heritage. We endeavour to bring all that we love about our country to the people worldwide. Our vision is to provide customers with hand crafted products which help support and encourage good craftsmanship.

We work closely with the artisans by providing various inputs including design, quality control, access to raw materials and production coordination. The employment generated through these skilled labour jobs provide to the daily livelihoods of our artisans.

Each purchase made contributes to the livelihood of at least 15 artisans. We have artists from all over the villages of Rajasthan working with us. They specialise in different types of hand block printing art forms which have been practiced in their families from many generations. Their expertise in art and design is totally commendable.

If you like our prints, please leave a note so that we can convey your message directly to the artisan. After all, who doesn’t love compliments.

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